Pretty Little Mistakes: A Do-Over Novel

Book Review: ‘Pretty Little Mistakes’ by Heather McElhatton
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I think my favorite parts were how so many situations could turn into situations-involving-meth, any guy you Heather McElhatton produced the award-winning literary series Talking Volumes. She lives in Key West with her pug, Walter. Heather McElhatton. Your large-scale objectives will often be chosen for you and well-defined at the outset — find the ghost, excape the island, defeat the evil wizard — and the focus is on how you accomplish your goal.

The first choice, taken immediately after high school, is between going to college or travelling; you will often get to old age and death in a handful of choices. A lot of major decisions are out of your hands, or happen as side-effects of other decisions. Often your life will be unexpectedly curtailed by a random shooting or a Hypothetical Bus. There are rapes, murders, domestic abuse, abortions. The protagonist is highly sexed, leans sub, is bisexual but not strongly identified as such, does a lot of drugs.

Her politics are strong social-liberal, take-the-law-into-your-own-hands both rapes in the book allow for, and condone, killing your rapist later on , and vary between self-reliant NGO bootstrap-communitarianism and self-reliant selfishness. Much of the time her life direction is defined by what her present partner is doing, but if she ends up with an awful partner she generally gets out of it within a node or two.

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Also, these three are about more specific situations like a new life, Saturday night and senior year. Henry Cloud. Unlike Amazon and other retailers who may also offer Pretty Little Mistakes A Do-Over Novel books on their website, we specialize in large quantities and provide personal service, from trusted, experienced, friendly people in Portland, Oregon. You can lose all your money in a Ponzi scheme and end up living in a trailer park. After the reader makes a choice, the plot branches out leading to more decisions and eventually multiple possible endings. Published by William Morrow Paperbacks Seller Inventory

Basically all of her career options, however bizarre, are female-coded; there is no way to play as butch or as a good girl. It pointedly avoids taking a simple position on a lot of things, however: motherhood can be wonderful, horribly bad, indifferent or all three.

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There are hundreds of lives sown inside Pretty Little Mistakes, Heather McElhatton's singularly spectacular, breathtakingly unique novel that has more than Pretty Little Mistakes: A Do-Over Novel [Heather Mcelhatton] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There are hundreds of lives sown inside.

Although the branches always extend until your death, which is often at a ripe old age, the overwhelming majority of your choices are made before middle age. If you have kids, you probably have 1 or fewer choices remaining. In heaven you meet God. He thanks you for being a mother to the orchids, orchids in general being one of his favorite things. A man who has watched all the hallelujahs fade away and be replaced with city lights. A man with too many orchids and not enough mothers. A baffled king. When you die, you sometimes get an afterlife: this is highly variable morally, theologically and metaphysically, and reflects on your life but not in any kind of consistent manner.

Apart from this, there are no fantastic elements, though the over-the-top exotic variety gives a feel of magical realism at times.

In some plotlines you dedicate yourself to good works; in others you are entirely selfish. The most consistent ethical themes running through the book are feminist and Epicurean, and everything else is pretty much optional. There are essentially two styles of CYOA: a single story that can have many of its details changed, and a thousand-and-one stories that diverge from the same origin point.

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And so it is: naive page-numbering, a steady stream of binary choices. Not a single three-option choice. There are relatively few merges, and this allows nodes lower down the tree to reference events much further up the tree. California is the only major branch where bad endings are more likely than good. You never know what life has in store for you. Remember, good behavior is not necessarily rewarded, and sometimes bad decisions can lead to wonderful and not so wonderful results.

Some nodes are very similar to each other, to the point of sharing some of their text. I won't ruin any, just know that they are creative and diverse, and sometimes depend on the manner of death. This book is light, but it's meant to be. It's entertaining without being nourishing. View 1 comment.

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Mar 17, Jamie rated it liked it. This is, of course, a choose-your-own-adventure book for grown-ups. It's really a hundred or so very, very short but highly inventive stories balled up into a single book. Each "chapter" is only a page or two long, so I do spend a lot of time flipping through the book and holding my fingers in the places of my various decisions so that I can go back to my last decision once the story ends. It's funny, fast-paced, and great for when you need to pass a few minutes of time.

You won't like this book This is, of course, a choose-your-own-adventure book for grown-ups. You won't like this book if you're looking for a thoughtful, carefully written novel that you can devour over a pot of tea.

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You also won't like this book if you are bothered by the fact that the author lets you make decisions of where to travel and whom to marry, but not whether you shall have unprotected sex in a coat closet with a sexy, unnamed janitor, or whether you will barter sex for the services of a sweaty, unattractive auto mechanic who warns you that he has a "big wiener. Our control over our lives is illusory, though we like to pretend it's not. We study and ponder and move slowly through our decisions to avoid negative consequences, but the fact is that we still can't protect ourselves from some of the most awful aspects of being human.

And while we're moving slowly and pondering and studying, we miss the brilliant, unforeseeable joy that comes from spontaneity.

Aug 03, Miranda Medrick rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: anyone who doesn't have 'delicate sensibilities' and an ability to see books as a whole. I loved this book. It seems like just an adult themed choose your own adventure or a handbook on how to screw up your life at times but I think it actually becomes a commentary on the way we live our lives and how no matter how many 'right' decisions you make or how many bad things happen to you, you never know if you'll live a long happy life or a short miserable one or any combination there of.

There are parts lots of them that are not for the squeamish. And a lot of it isn't very probable, I loved this book. And a lot of it isn't very probable, which people who didn't like this book seemed to complain about the most. I find that the neatest part! It's not predictable at any point, and even when it might be it moves so fast that it doesn't matter. I had no expectations for this book.

I thought I might like it just as easily at hate it, I was floored that is resonated in the way it did. It makes you think.

Reasonable Doubt audiobook by Whitney G.

It grosses you out, and make s you marvel at the fucked up situations someone can end up in and sometimes laugh at the way a 'great' life decision can turn out so terribly terribly wrong! It makes your heart swell at times and ache at others. Anyone who can do that in snippets of stories is a good writer, and I can't wait to read her next one. I recommend post-it page markers to anyone who wants to make sure they don't miss parts of a story. I started using them about halfway thru to mark parts to go back to and read the other choices. Feb 10, Lisey Lestrange rated it it was ok. I, like everyone else, was very intrigued by the concept of this book.

I am a huge fan of CYOA books, and many impostors, so it would logically follow that I would be lured in by the premise of a book in that style, but geared towards an older audience. Unfortunately, this book fell short of my expectations. Instead of feeling like my decisions actually altered what I was reading, I was presented stories that mostly went in the direction influenced by decisions we DIDN'T make.

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Example: Go to Eh. Example: Go to college for art, or science? You are on your way to being a doctor! But you are addicted to meth now yep! Keep going to school to finish your studies, or go work at a pharmaceutical company as a sales rep? Either way, you wind up miserable because of a meth addiction that you automatically got by going to college.

Pretty Little Mistakes

Why don't I get to choose NOT to start a meth addiction? I don't think all doctors were required to go through a period of drug addiction as part of their studies. Furthermore, just because I chose science, why do I have to be a doctor? You just woke up!

Do you want to eat breakfast first, or shower first? Eat breakfast? Man comes in to rob you, you tell him to go eff himself, he shoots you in the face, and you did. You shower first?